hi and welcome i am kimberly i been giving readings in person and over the phone for over 35+ experince im a natural born psychic all my readings are 100% acccurate and 100% honest i also have 3 shops in different locations  i have a strong ability to help pepole, look into there future by seeing where path is taking them i find out the best way to begin the reading is by tapping in the energy levels and finding out a little bit about what happend in there past to help them overcome some of the blockages, that may be keeping them from the future. i usally just like to use my psychic ablilty verus using tarot cards. my psychic ability is strongest. just by being able to feel someones energy and just being able to understand from that point what that person is going through, i been able to help pepole in many differnt ways by connecting with them spirtually and help them over come there issues that they are facing.  one of the big things i specialize in is love and relationships and reuiting loved ones when there relationship is at a lost point,